At this time, our recycling collection is still suspended as a direct result of COVID-19.

As a result of more people at home and businesses closed our residential garbage volume has increased and at this time all our efforts are focused on garbage collection. If you recycle and place your recycling at the curb, we will collect with your garbage. We are using all our vehicles and crews that normally collect recycling to collect garbage due to the increased volume of material. Under normal circumstances, we have 16 garbage collection vehicles and 3 recycling vehicles on the road to facilitate collection. We currently have 22 vehicles collecting garbage and that includes the recycling collection vehicles and 3 additional vehicles.

We are monitoring our truck loads daily and we must be sure our garbage volume returns to a manageable level before we can make the decision to return to normal collection for recycling.

Greenville County drop-off centers are open and accepting material. A list of locations can be found using the link below.

Program Details

• 96 gallon roll carts
• Every-other-week collection
• Requires registration with a one-time charge of $25 for customers wishing to recycle.
Please download the brochure and mail back the registration form along with payment.

Recycling Registration Form - Download (PDF) 

2020 Recycling Schedule And Guide - Download (PDF) 

To learn which side you're on please call (864)-232-6721.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay $25 for recycling collection?

How will I know my collection day/schedule?

If I'm unable to recycle at least 75% of the time in a 6 month period will I be kicked off the service?
If I rent and purchase my cart do I own it?
If I rent and move to a new location in the District do I take my cart with me?
If my landlord purchased the cart am I required to leave the cart at the residence if I move?