Just wanted to thank everyone for their hard work. With the holiday and snow, I didn't think we would get a pick up this week but sure enough our guys came through for us. Although we understood if pick up didn't happen, we are grateful for the guys who do our area... Especially in such cold weather. They never leave trash and the one time they missed our house when we first moved in, they came back out to collect. During the holidays we always have extra boxes that need to be picked up and we appreciate y'all taking care of that too. We had to order a second bin when my mother moved in and the lady who took the order was helpful and it was brought by in less than a few days. The lady also helped me in scheduling a pick up for old furniture and answered all my questions. Thank y'all so much for doing an awesome job. I just wanted to thank y'all since you probably don't get to hear it very often. Thanks again and please pass our thanks to the men who also pick up for our area!

Brittany S.


Charles Dickson


I would like to thank Don and Greenville County and Greenville County Sanitation for the services provided me this last year. I move into a house which was in horrible shape. It was covered with massive loads of glass and steel, trash, and brush and even three hand guns. I did the work to get the lot in an acceptable state, but could not have completed it without the help and support of Greenville County. There was no way I could have hauled it to the landfill myself. Removal required trucks, a skid steer and at times a special crane-truck.

In this age of focus on political personalities and contentious issues, I wanted to thank Greenville County for good governance, service and support. It has made my life a lot easier and cleared the way for more substantial progress in the future.

Charles Dickson

CC. Lottie Gibson
Greenville County Counsel (District 25)


Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all of your support throughout this project.  My students grew a lot in their awareness of environmental issues associated with solid waste and sustainability.  I really appreciate your dedication to helping our community become more sustainable and look forward to continue working with you on our composting program!

Thank You,
Mrs. Lauren Whitaker


From what we see, the guys that pick up trash every week do a good job. Never see slacking and if we're out there working in the yard, at least one of them gives a greeting. Not many people can do a job like that and maintain an upbeat attitude.

As for the office/customer service, they could be a poster for government offices/workers. They're also typical of southerners and that means charm and manners. I much prefer inefficiency delivered softly and w/a smile.

Ezly Pist, Google Review


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