Annexation is the process by which the Greater Greenville Sanitation District (GGSD) expands its boundaries into adjacent areas so as to provide services.

Annexation into the GGSD offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Full Standard Services (Garbage, Bulk Waste, Green Waste) – Why limit your services when you can get it all!
    • Many companies only provide garbage services and then upcharge for additional services.
  • Bulk Waste Collection – Set it out and forget it!
    • Many companies charge extra, or do not allow for collection of any items outside of the container.
  • Special Front-Door Service for Persons with Disabilities Convenience when it matters the most!
    • Most companies do not offer this service.
  • Reduce Wear and Tear on Neighborhood Streets – You the taxpayer have a vested interest in the quality of roads in your area!
    • A single garbage truck produces the equivalent of 10,000 cars on a road per day. By reducing the number of garbage trucks to one we reduce the weight, and decrease the likelihood, of cracks and pothole development thereby doubling a roads useful life.
  • Decreased noise pollution – Less interruption at the Most Inconvenient Times!
    • With a single hauler you will have a set schedule to plan your day around with collection occurring before 5:00
  • Decrease air pollution – Breathe better with GGSD!
    • All GGS vehicles undergo rigorous and regularly scheduled maintenance so as to ensure compliance with DHEC and EPA air quality
  • Increase safety for pedestrians and pets – A commitment to safety!
    • With GGS you are getting a commitment to safety. All employees are outfitted with special safety uniforms and equipment and receive on-going safety training and certification. GGS is also mindful of speed limits so as to maximize the safety of its employees and that of neighborhood residents.

Sanitation Fees and Millage

GGSD services are funded by a combination of both the Sanitation Fee and a millage which appears on your annual tax statement.

Residential Rate $210 Per residential structure on property.
Commercial Rate $325 Per commercial business on property.
Apartment Rate $85 Per apartment on property.
Vacant Lot Rate $25
Millage Rate .0149*

*Millage rate is subject to adjustment after an assessment year
Fee Guidance Document - For more in-depth information on how Sanitation fees are applied

Sanitation Fee Adjustment Form - To appeal a sanitation fee please fill out this form.  Appeals will not be considered unless this form is completed.


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